from by The Unobstruct



Breaking the norm of misfortune
My intent on awakening visions permeate the spinal chord
Reaping, with no sense of remorse
Forcing the undertow
It's gone
Rescinding sense of fictitious names
I pull the strings of your heart's contention
Forcing the undead resolution
Fall away, fall away from the norm
My intent on awakening demons
Permutation suicide
Reaping your own sense of remorse
Forcing the undead realm to talk
Undead realm to talk
And with this final mistake I fall back down
Off the records

Wherewithal, the unkempt and uncanny fall to the ground
And with this final mistake
I'll burn to the ground

Besmirched unmasked enslaver
Clairvoyant vagrant ties
In this relentlessness
For now what's left in you
Predates your punishment
For all time

My intent reaping on muted skies at my expense

Now, how do I turn the tables back around?
Asphyxiating my heart every second
For I've become what I've been born against
The shadow of this life will repent, repenting on
You wont believe until you repent, repenting on
Left in this world to die alone

My intent


from Monolith, released April 12, 2016
Recorded, mixed, and mastered by The Unobstruct



all rights reserved


The Unobstruct Scituate, Massachusetts

Heavy, riffy, technical music.

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